Causes of Bruxism

The causes are not fully known but it can occur in the most stressful situations. For this reason, it is called a modern-day disease. It is seen more often in impatient, aggressive, hasty, sensitive people.


Effects of Bruxism

Abrasion of the enamel, cracks or fractures in teeth, sensitivity in teeth due to tooth erosion, damage in jaw joints, locked jaw in advanced cases, sleep disruption, fatigue, etc.



The majority of patients are unaware that they have bruxism
Tooth erosion
Flattening of teeth surfaces
Pain in chewing muscles, especially in the morning
Clicking sounds in the jaw joint
Clicking sounds heard by the person lying next to you

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For a definite treatment, the detection and treatment of underlying psychological problems is of the utmost importance. The most common method used to minimize teeth grinding is night bite plates made of hard plastic. In some cases, muscle relaxants may also be prescribed to the patient for a certain period of time.


How to prepare a night bite plate?

The in-mouth measure of the patient is taken and the plate is produced at the laboratory. It can be tried by the patient in the second appointment.



Use And Maintenance Night Plate


When and How to use?

Plates must be put on every night before sleeping and remain in the mouth till morning. If you need to drink water at night, there is no need to remove the plate. You should remove it before drinking sugared or acidic beverages and eating anything. You have to brush your teeth each time before you put on the night plates.


Proper care and maintenance

The solutions used for cleaning removable dentures can be used to clean these plates. If such a solution is not available, it should be rinsed daily with water. Certain ingredients in the toothpaste can cause scratches on the plate and cause bacteria to form.


Breaking or abrasion of night plates

If the teeth grinding continues, the night plates can be abraded over time and even break. In such cases the plate needs to be renewed.


If your are not comfortable with your night plates

It is normal for the patient to feel uncomfortable with the night plate. You will get used to it in time. It may slightly squeeze your teeth. However, if you feel any stress on your teeth after a week, please contact your dentist.


How long should it be used?

You should use your night plates regularly from 3 to 6 months according to your dentists recommendation and then visit her/him to check-up.  Your dentist will decide whether you should continue to use these plates or not  after the examination.