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Established in 2006, Citydent dental centre provides dental services for its patients with a team of 12 dentists in 550 m2 dental center. Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul is in the city centre, Taksim Istanbul

Our team carries out all sorts of dental treatments regarding implant and denture application as well as mouth and dental health. For further information about Citydent Dental Clinic Istanbul, please visit our dental treatment pages.

Our center is so close to Taksim Gezi Park, just near Divan Hotel Taksim. Please visit information page for detailed contact info. Dental Clinic Istanbul



Most of the dentists know English in our clinic.

We have 3 patient coordinator who know Egnlish, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Are we the best dental clinic in Istanbul, Turkey? Do we have the best dentists? Are our dentists really experienced and qualified? Is it a well-equipped, high-tech dental hospital? Will your treatments be meticulously and successfully performed? Above all, will you be given enough support after your dental treatment?

Please do not hesitate to ask all questions that you have in mind about dental treatments including implants, veneers, etc. and make a decision after you have received enough information. İstanbul dental center, Citydent is a major dental center where 14 dentists are working. A considerable part of our patients visit us with the references of our former patients. We work like a big dental hospital where dentists and physicians work for long years with great responsibility. We do not advertise on TV or radio. Therefore, dental clinic in istanbul, the treatments we have done and the patients we will refer to are extremely important to us.

After your first visit to Citydent, you can change your mind about your treatment by evaluating your dentist and the clinic. You may decide to cancel your appointments. You also have the right to change your dentist during the treatment. It is your choice and we respect your decisions.

If you compare us with clinics of our quality, we think that we have quite affordable treatment fees. The cheapest is not always the best for you. Inadequate treatment or non-quality materials can result in more costly outcomes for both you in the long term. Clinical equipment, İstanbul dental center, quality of materials used, physician experience and skill are important factors in determining treatment fees. Do not forget that we are completely transparent about the treatment prices. best dental clinic in istanbul

If you send us your X-rays, we can give you an approximate price about your dental treatment. If there is something unclear about the price, we offer you a maximum range for that procedure. When you come to the clinic, we guarantee that there will be no surprises concerning your treatment costs.

We are well aware that you are using your limited free days for this treatment. There is also an accommodation fee for each extra day you stay in Istanbul. So it is your natural right to ask for a shorter treatment time. In order to be able to complete the treatment in the shortest possible time for our patients from abroad, dental implants İstanbul, we are making full use of the highest technology fort his purpose. We work late at night if necessary to finish your treatment on time.

But we do not claim that Citydent is one of the fastest dental centers. Treatments with fewer treatment times than necessary may cause problems soon. We are trying to do our work with care and diligence.best dental clinic in istanbul

It is not possible to reach a 100% treatment success in the field of health. We believe that such a claim is not ethical at all. Our success rates are quite high in both implant and aesthetic dental treatments. In order to avoid problems in the short and long terms, we work with highly qualified, experienced dentists, dental implants İstanbul, surgeons, technicians and use high quality materials of the best brands. If a problem occurs due to the dentist or the materials used, we never try to put the blame on the patient. Truthfully, these kinds of problems rarely occur at Citydent, but if they occur we always find a solution to the problem. Please also check our warranty program from the warranty page.

Especially with the new technology investments we made in 2015, we became not only Turkey’s but also Europe’s one of the most advanced technological clinics. We use advanced technological devices that increase treatment success and patient comfort. Please find detailed information about our technology at the “Technology at Citydent” section below

The materials we use are selected from the products of the world’s most respected and quality brands. Since we use hundreds of materials, it is difficult to explain each one individually, dental hospital istanbul, but if you have any questions about the brands, materials, technology or treatments, please contact us and we will send you the necessary information. In 2105, we have built a high-tech on-site lab in our clinic to increase our quality in prosthetics.


  • We use all sorts of technological opportunities,

  • We provide our services with experienced dentists and professional assistants,

  • We regard patient health and hygiene as our priority,

  • We regularly participate in national and international conferences and trainings to improve our treatment standards,

  • We believe that a good relationship between the patient and dentist makes treatment more successful,

  • We never compromise the quality of the materials used in our clinic and always share relevant information with our patients, best dentist in istanbul

  • We archive all information belonging to our patients and share it with them when requested. dental hospital istanbul


Cosmetic Dentist İstanbul

He has graduated from Dentistry Faculty of Univesity of Isntabul in 1997. He has worked at different hospitals and dental clinics on conservative treatments and aesthetic dentistry till 2013. He has begun to do implant surgery as well after finishing several certification programs on implantology. He has joined Citydent in 2013 and he is continuing his proficiency on conservative treatments, aesthetic dentistry and prosthesis over implants.Dentist Istanbul

Berkay SAKİN

Cosmetic Dentist İstanbul

He graduated from Yeditepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2014 and started working in a private clinic. He started his doctorate studies in the Department of Oral Implantology at Istanbul University in 2015. He has been working in Citydent as of December 2018. He chooses to focus on implantology, prosthetic dental treatment, root canal treatment and digital dentistry professionally. Berkay Sakin, who has a special interest in history and historical events, also loves to travel and listen to music.

Çağdaş AYCAN

İmplant Dentist İstanbul

Job Title: Oral Surgeon Specialisations Dentist Istanbul: Implantology, Laser Dentistry, Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Surgery, Dental Examinations, Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, General Dentistry.

Graduated from Capa Dentistry Faculty of University of Istanbul in 2000. He has worked on different clinics till 2008 and he has joined to clinic at that year. He has joined many international and national certification programs. and courses on implant surgery and implant prothesis. He is very experienced on implants and especially prothesis on implants.

Çağdaş Çağlar LAÇİN

İmplant Dentist İstanbul

Periodontology Specialist İstanbul

He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2011. He’s started his doctorate in the Faculty of Dentistry (Çapa) Periodontology Department same year and still continues his doctoral studies at Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry. He focused his clinical studies on gum diseases, surgical procedures and implant applications. He took part in various international courses, congresses and meetings. He took part in meetings held in Turkey and abroad and publications in foreign magazines. He makes an effort to attend international meetings at least twice a year in order to keep himself up-to-date. He also teaches at Istanbul Ayvansaray University Oral and Dental Health Program as a lecturer. He has been working in Citydent Istanbul since November 2014. Having an interest in musical instruments, Çağdaş Çağlar Laçin plays the “baglama” whenever he finds time and he is now also learning to play the harmonica. Traveling, reading books and magazines about historical events are among his other hobbies.


Cosmetic Dentist İstanbul

Cosmetic Dentis Istanbul She has graduated from Dentistry Faculty of University of Ege in 2008. She has worked at Dentaturk Dental Hospital for 3 years in Bursa after her job at Dermal Dentistry Centre. She has joined to Citydent in 2012 after coming Istanbul. She has joined many courses and certificate programs on root canal treatment, aesthetic prosthesis, aesthetic composite fillings at conservative dentistry. She is continuing her profession especially on aesthetic teeth restorations, aesthetic prosthesis, prosthesis over implant and conservative treatments as root canal and fillings in Citydent.


Cosmetic Dentist İstanbul

Dt Emrah Kocdur has graduated from Hacettepe University Faculty of Dentistry in 2006. He joined Citydent team in 2008. He works on root canal treatments, aesthetic fillings and prosthetic treatments mostly. Emrah Koçdur, father of a son, is interested in music and cinema.


Cosmetic Dentist Istanbul

Dt Esin has graduated from Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2015 and started working as soon as she graduated. She took part in a private practice in Nişantaşı in the first years of her professional life, and then in the Taksim team of the Private Acıbadem Hospital. She joined the Citydent team in October 2020.
She devoted herself to "the harmony of Pink and White", as she calles it. In other words, she is interested in canal treatment and digital systems with both gum health, gum diseases, aesthetic / cosmetic coating and similar interventions. In addition, she also performs Botox treatments, for bruxism and gummy smile issues. She is still following the necessary courses and publications to stay up-to-date in the profession.
She is very interested in photography, music and the sea. She’s also a big fan of “eating” just from her roots in Adana City:)


Cosmetic Dentist İstanbul

He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 2002. He worked in a private Dental Hospital for many years. He has been working in Citydent since 2017. Hüseyin Tanrıverdi, married with a daughter, is a book lover and a cinephile who likes to watch classic movies.

Sisli Dentist


Cosmetic Dentist İstanbul

Dentist Istanbul
He graduated from Yeditepe University, Faculty of Dentistry in 2014. He started his doctorate education at Yeditepe University Prosthodontics Department same year. In 2015, he continued his doctorate education at Istanbul University Çapa Department of Prosthodontics. His academic and clinical studies were focused on full ceramic prosthesis, aesthetic dentistry, smile design and fixed prosthesis on implants. He organized presentations and posters at national and international congresses and meetings. He has academic publications in national and international journals. She has been working in Citydent Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic since April 2017.


Cosmetic Dentist İstanbul

She graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry in 1995. She worked in various private hospitals and clinics. She attended domestic and international training and certification programs. She started work on prosthetics over implants, after the widespread and successful implementation of implant therapies, although she mostly worked on preventive treatments. She is closely interested in nature sports other than during her profession.

Sisli Dentist


İmplant Dentist İstanbul

Job Title: Oral Surgeon Specialisations Dentist Istanbul: Implantology, Laser Dentistry, Maxillofacial Prosthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Surgery, Dental Examinations, Functional Aesthetic Dentistry, General Dentistry,
Languages: English, Turkish
Biography: Dt. Sinan Buday graduated from Capa Dentistry Faculty of University of Istanbul in 1998. He has worked at different clinics until 2006 to gain experience with Turkish and European patients. He founded Istanbul Dental Clinic on 2006. His major experience is working on complex implant cases. He has made implant treatments for thousands of patients and installed over 10,000 implants to date with very high success rate. He is also applying advanced surgery technics as block bone transplantations, connective tissue transplantations, horizontal and vertical bone augmentations, plastic periodontal and aesthetic surgery. He has made treatments for many different cases regarding implant patients: e.g. patients who had unusual diseases, patients who lost a large amount of their jaw bone and require bone graft surgery. He has attended many international courses and seminars for dental implants and advanced surgery techniques. Dentist Istanbul

Soykan KÖKLÜ

Cosmetic Specialist Dentist İstanbul

He graduated from Gazi University Faculty of Dentistry in 2005. After he has completed his specialty and doctorate education in Başkent University Hospital, Prosthetics Department and became a prosthesis specialist. After working as a prosthesis specialist in various private hospitals and clinics, he joined Citydent in 2014. He mainly works in aesthetic dentistry in the fields of full ceramic and laminate veneers as well as prosthesis over implants. Travel, music and sports are his main interests.

Yasemin AVCI

Cosmetic Dentist İstanbul

Berna Dinçer KIRBIYIK

Orthodontist İstanbul

Orthodontist Istanbul, Graduated from Capa Dentistry Faculty of University of Istanbul in 1998. She has worked at different clinics till 2001 before joining doctorate program 2001. She has became dr. on orthodontic in 2006. She has attended to several orthodontic seminars in the Germany and USA. She is member of the world organisation of orthodontic dentists. She is working on orthodontic treatments.Dentist Istanbul