Tooth Whitening - Bleaching

Tooth Whitening - Bleaching

At Citydent, we offer in-clinic and at-home bleaching methods for tooth whitening. We analyze your teeth color before and after the treatment by using electronic color measurement device and we use worldwide known original tooth whitening products.

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Types of Tooth Whitening

At-Home Bleaching

This is a method that the patient can use on his/her own at home following the instructions given by the dentist. A patient-specific oral tray is prepared at the clinic according to the oral impression of the patient. The whitening gel given by the dentist is applied to the teeth by using the oral tray. The frequency and the duration of the treatment should be decided by your dentist.

In-Clinic Bleaching

A method applied by the dentist at the clinic. The number of the sessions may vary according to the number and the condition and the targeted whiteness of the teeth.

Combine Bleaching

It is the combination of at-home and in-clinic methods. Various studies have shown that the simultaneous and effective application of the two methods facilitates the achievement of the desired whiteness and its span is prolonged.

Single Tooth Bleaching

This method is used for teeth that have lost their natural color due to root canal therapy.

Laser Bleaching

Contrary to popular belief, tooth bleaching is not possible by only using laser light. Some bleaching chemicals are produced in a way to be actived when they get into contact with a certain wavelength of a light source. Some of these are activated by the wave length of ultraviolet (UV) light sources and by LED lights, while other by laser light.


At-Home Bleaching: Varies between 5 days and 2 weeks.

In-Clinic Bleaching: 45 min – 1,5 hours if applied by an experienced dentist (the procedure may be repeated up to 4 times with 1-5 days intervals if the results are not satisfactory).

Single Tooth Bleaching: 1-4 sessions

Teeth whitening Istanbul

Poor oral care, vast amount of tea/coffee consumption, smoking, etc. May cause disturbing color/shade problems on teeth. That yellow shades not only distubs patients but also may cause dental problems in long term. It is posibble to ave 3-4 shades lighter teeth with Istanbul teeth whitening processes. Teeth whitening will let teeth get whiter without any harm or without using any restorative procedure. The procedure is very easy to perform and receive. It’s the most popular method since it’s also cheaper. Yellowed teeth can be whitened in two ways: Office type and at-home bleaching systems. It took Yellowed and bad-looking teeth can be whitened in two ways -at the clinic or at home. At clinic tooth whitening procedure usulally takes approx. 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. The whitening process can be completed in single seesion or up to 4 sessions with one or five day intervals according to the change of shades. At-home tooth whiteningcan be completed up to 2-5 weeks with customized plaques prepared by dentist according to the condition of the tooth. After teeth whitening, the patient should be more carefull. In particular, drinks such as coffee and tea should not be consumed for a while. It must comply strictly with the warnings of the dentist. Teeth whitening With our Istanbul treatment service, you can ensure the whitening of your yellowed and bad looking teeth. With our expert dentists and advanced technology equipment, you can get the best treatment and benefit from the services before and after the procedure and have a smooth treatment process.

If bleaching has been carried out by and under the care of a dentist, the procedure is often quite efficient and reliable.

When used as directed, bleaching does not cause permanent damage to the teeth or gums.

 It helps to whiten the teeth up to 3-4 shades while protecting the natural structure of the teeth.

 It does not require any abrasion or crowning of the teeth.

The procedure is not difficult. It helps you to have an aesthetic smile.

It is a much more affordable solution compared to aesthetic crowns.

It may not give the same success results for all patients.

Your teeth may not preserve its whiteness in the long run.

Patient may feel hot-cold sensitivity during the procedure.

Your teeth may feel itchy.

This device measures the shade of a natural tooth in all lighting conditions in the fastest and easiest way. Our dentists scan your teeth by using the color measurement device and suggest a color suitable for you by analyzing factors such as tooth hue, saturation, brightness / darkness, transparency etc. The data displayed by the device makes it possible to perfectly match the color of your teeth to ensure a natural aesthetic look. By using this advanced technology, we assure you that you will no longer have to worry that one of your crowns or veneers will not match the rest of your natural teeth. After the digital measurement and the analysis of our dentist, the ultimate choice will always be yours.