Laminate Veneers

Durable and aesthetic laminate veneers require meticulous work that adopts necessary procedures as well as high technology which you can find at Citydent.

♦ We prefer Ivoclar for laminate veneers at Citydent, which is one of the best brands in the world.

♦ Your intraoral impressions are taken with 3D Scanners.

♦ Your laminate dental designs are made by using 3D software.

♦ All the procedures are performed by experienced dentists and technicians at our clinic. We take the advantage of having an in-house laboratory at Citydent.

♦ We perform gum shaping with hard tissue laser when necessary.

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What is Means veneers in İstanbul

All-ceramic crowns and laminate veneers are the most aesthetic and natural looking dental solutions. The disadvantage of all-ceramic compared to laminate is that all-ceramic crowns requires more grinding and the advantage is that they are more resistant and durable. Laminate crowns may not be used in cases that have severe crowding and/or grinding. For bridgework and implants in the posterior area of the mouth, veneers in İstanbul, zirconium-based porcelain crowns are preferred to all-ceramic crowns.

It is a kind of treatment that has been used widely for aesthetic purposes in recent years. A laminated veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain attached to the outer surface of the tooth. The difference from the other types of crowns is that laminate veneers require very little abrasion, and in some cases it can be laminated without any abrasion.

♦ Can be applied to central incisors which are very important for an aesthetic smile.

♦ Can be used for the correction of diastema.

♦ Can be used for the the treatment of spotted teeth for which bleaching does not work. 

♦ Can be used for the the treatment of abraded teeth.

♦ Can be used as an alternative to the orthodontic treatment for the treatment of crooked teeth

♦ Cannot be applied to already abraded teeth.

♦ If the crooked teeth is at an advanced level, laminate veneer cannot be applied. veneers in İstanbul

♦ For cases that laminate veneer cannot be applied, the best alternative, especially for central incisors, is all-ceramic crown (E-max). For more detail on all-ceramic crowns please visit our “All-Ceramic Aesthetic Crowns” page.

♦ Requires little abrasion of the tooth.

♦ Due it its high light transmission, it provides the best aesthetic outcomes.

♦ Its preparation takes less time since no infrastructure work is needed.

♦ Anti-allergic.

♦ It is relatively more expensive.

♦ It requires a perfect aesthetic planning and a very diligent performance.

♦ It is very fragile till cementation. Thus, a single mistake may result with the re-preparation of the procedure.

♦ There is a risk of falling if all the necessary procedures are not followed carefully during the treatment.

As they do not require any denture or infrastructure preparation, the treatment time of laminate veneers is shorter than the other dental crowns. Up to 3 teeth, it requires 3 sessions and 5-6 days. veneers in İstanbul

As the number of teeth to be treated increases, the treatment time gets longer. For example, 3 teeth may take 3 sessions while 10 teeth may take 5 sessions and thus, 9-10 days. If the case requires canal root and/or gum treatment, the treatment time may be longer.

♦ Treatment should be planned according to panoramic and periapical X-ray images.

♦ Root canal operation and gum treatment, if necessary, should be finished before the procedure.

♦ Before abrasion of the teeth, the laminate veneers should be tested on the impression that was previously taken and their final form should be decided.

♦ The outer surfaces of the teeth are abraded at a thickness of 0,3-0,7 mm. (In some cases, no abrasion is required.)

♦ Preparation of temporary laminate veneers.

♦ Final measurements

♦ Laboratory stages

♦ Adaptation and cementation of the laminate veneers.

All the treatments are under Citydent guarantee. Please ask for details.