Aesthetic Teeth Models

Centrals: Two incisors at the central front  

Laterals: Incisors next to the centrals

Canines: Carnassials next to the laterals.

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Aesthetic Teeth Models  

Aggressive style: All incisors (four teeth at the center) and canines are almost at equal distance; incisors are angular and canines shall not be pointed.

Dominant style: Centrals (two incisors at the central front) are slightly longer than the laterals. Square, round centrals; rounded far corner of lateral incisors; sharply pointed canines.  

Enhanced style: Slightly rounded edges of both central and lateral incisors with the lateral incisors slightly higher or shorter than the central incisors, and canines are bluntly pointed.

Focused Style: Similar to an Enhanced Style except the central incisors are square without rounded edges.

Functional Style: Similar to an Focused Style but the centrals are shorter and the canines are more pointed.

Hollywood style: Teeth are slightly offset and square, centrals are higher than the others, canines are close to centrals height and not pointed.

Mature style: 4 incisors are square and not pointed; canines are almost at equal height with the incisors and not pointed.

Natural style: Centrals and canines are at equal height and higher than the laterals; laterals have slightly rounded edges; canines are high and aggressively pointed.

Oval style: All teeth have rounded or oval edges; canines and laterals have equal height and are shorter than the centrals; centrals are more rounded.

Softened style: Centrals have oval edges and slightly higher than laterals; laterals are slightly shorter than the canines; canines are rounded.

Vigorous style: Centrals and laterals are square without rounded edges; centrals are slightly higher than the laterals; canines are higher and more pointed than the incisors.

Youthful style: All 4 incisors are rounded but not as much as the Oval Style; canines are at equal height with centrals and pointed; centrals are apparently higher than the laterals.